This page is our developer blog for the upcoming game SideTracked! You can read about everything from failures to successes and learn a bit more about the internal workings of the game. If you would like to receive important updates about the games progress via email, you can do so on our landing page.

We can’t wait to share with you our adventure!

UMA and its Advantages

In this developer post, we discuss the benefits of the UMA (Unity Multipurpose Avatar) system, it’s advantages, a few disadvantages, and how we’re using it in SideTracked!.
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Items, Crafting and Herbalism: Designing Value

This developer post briefly outlines some of the crafting mechanics that have been designed over the past month and their accompanying items.
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Character Abstraction: The Power It Holds

In this developer post, we discuss how we accomplished allowing players to adopt the abilities of any creature or NPC through abstraction.
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